Wednesday, November 02, 2005

CO - Election Day

It was a day of referenda and local races in Colorado today. The big fight was over Ref. C and Ref. D. It looks like it was a split decision with C going up and D going down. I don't think it is of enough national interest to explain it all here, so instead I will just point you to this story that shows you what we like to spend our money on around here. You people probably spend yours on schools and fire protection. Not us.

(For those who want to follow this rabbit down the money hole, here is the first bread crumb for you to follow... Mobile Detect of Toronto.)

(Crumb two... that conference was in Colorado Springs and sponsored by the "National Homeland Defense Foundation" a "a group of Colorado civic leaders" who are "committed to promoting homeland defense partnerships".)

(Crumb three... As it turns out, Mobile Detect has offices in Toronto, Ottawa, and Colorado Springs.)

(Crumb four... Their own office in Colorado Springs? Not really. They have to share the address with a couple of folks including the Republican State Senator from Colorado Springs, Doug Lamborn. They get their own listing in the lobby though. If you follow this trail far enough, what do you think the odds are that the man who sits on the military Affairs committee also happens to sit in on their board meetings? Anyone want to bet me? Would it change things if I mentioned the trip he and his wife took to Canada last year that was a 'gift' from Suncor Energy?)


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