Friday, October 14, 2005

CO-7 Politics by the numbers

Is it news? Not really. Is it analysis? No. It is just politics this time.
Peggy Lamm waited until what the folks on the TV show, 'The West Wing', used to call, "Take out the trash Friday" to announce her Q3 fundraising numbers.
She raised $89,084 compared to her fellow Democrat Ed Perlmutter's $105,000.
That leaves her with $121,000 cash on hand to Ed's $259,000.
I have no huge gripe against Peggy, and I wouldn't mind her pro-choice credentials bringing a large Emily's List contribution her way, but I also must admit some optimism that the painful primary races might all be on the Republican side of the fence this year.

These numbers were almost my favorite ones tonight, except for the suprising NBC/WSJ poll that showed Bush getting a 2% job approval rating from African-Americans. I say suprising, because I figure that somehow both Condaleeza Rice and Clarence Thomas must have found their way into the same polling sample or the numbers would have been worse.


Blogger sander said...

don't forget the +-3% which could mean a -1% positive for bushCo

9:14 PM  

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