Tuesday, October 04, 2005

CO 7 - Holzman wants Beauprez to be charged

For you out of towners, here is your quick intro to Colorado's 7th Congressional District:
In a close race, first term incumbent Bob Beauprez (R) beat challenger Dave Thomas (D), after Mr. Thomas was tied to a mishandling of the Columbine School shooting. Beauprez' future in this evenly divided district looks uncertain, and he rode the surge from the win by immediately announcing he was running for statewide office. He has been a flawless rubber stamp for Bush administration policies and a loyal minion of Delay. That he could win in a 'purple' district has many Republicans excited about his chances of filling the Governor's office when Bill Owens (R) vacates it next year.
Before he can get there, he has what should be an easy primary fight against Marc Holzman. While I look forward to having the Republicans scramble about to find someone who can fill his shoes in CO-7, I would like to see his road to Denver be a bumpy one.
Today he hit his first bump. Holzman alleges that Beauprez stole his Rolodex and wants criminal charges filed.
Link via Associated Press


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