Friday, October 07, 2005

CO - (where the CO stands for COncentration camp.)

Today's Denver Post carries this story.

"A group of immigration activists wants Gov. Bill Owens to declare a state of emergency and develop a plan that includes sending illegal immigrants to "overflow holding areas" such as Coors Field and the former Lowry Air Force Base to await deportation. "
"Owens 'has seen the petition and he has forwarded it to his legal counsel asking for an opinion as to whether or not the governor has the ability to do the things they're asking for in the petition,' said spokesman Mark Salley. "

Now of course, it is silly to use Coors Field for such a plan, when we already have a FEMA constructed internment camp so nearby, but with the Rockies at the bottom of the National League Western Division, it is nice to know that somebody is thinking about how to fill the seats.


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