Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Being set-up by the man today

The Feds sent a white van with a lot of antennae out to my house a couple of days ago.
My housemate has had a cell phone amplifier on the roof for about seven months, and this week the Lakewood police have decided that it was interfering with their radio calls on a couple of channels.

We shut it off, and I am told the problem is solved. Nonetheless, the FCC wants to send a couple of agents over to the house today to take a look at our equipment and see who the manufacturer is, test our wifi nodes, and who knows what else.

Clearly the real intention is to try to sabotage my tin foil hat collection.

I am planning on going to Forest Room 5 at 2532 15th Street tonight to help kick off Steve Ludwig's race for CU Regent. Lyn, our favorite DL artist, is playing a key role in his campaign and I want to see why getting Ludwig elected was important enough to have her sign another lease in Denver. Unless I am hauled before a Kafkaesque secret tribunal, I will be there between 5:30 - 7:30 for some good local politics and happy hour.

If I disappear off the map someone please take care of my cat.


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