Thursday, April 13, 2006


If you are one of the Colorado readers, then you already know the latest on this story from Soapblox, but I would like to give a bit of background for those of you elsewhere.

Bill Owens, the Republican Governor is linked to a fairly shadowy organization called The Trailhead Group which funded a series of Robo-Calls that slandered targeted Democrats in their home districts.

The latest turn in the ugly story is that Attorney General John Suther's, an Owens appointee, has declined to investigate the matter. As ColoradoLib points out, it seems that Trailhead and Suthers both share a remarkably similar campaign donor list.

There are a lot of threads that the Colorado Blog community is chasing down on this one, and I am going to be jumping into the fray as well. Expect more to follow.


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