Sunday, April 16, 2006

5 things you should know about ChoicePoint

"What in heaven's name are we doing allowing someone as careless as ChoicePoint to be in control of our data?"
"I consider them the poster child for lax security protection."

~Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT)

1) They stacked the Florida election for Bush.
In the leadup to the 2000 elections, ChoicePoint wrongfully purged the Florida voter rolls of thousands of African Americans.
The disenfrachisement of 8000 people was referred to as a "minor glitch" by Choicepoint VP, L. Martin Fagan.

2) John "Let the Eagle Soar" Ashcroft is their lobbyist.

When John Ashcroft took his leave of public service, he went to work as a lobbyist for ChoicePoint. They have been pals at least as far back as when ChoicePoint landed the deal to screen airport employees and help out with the no-fly list.

3) They sold the personal information of as many as 400,000 Americans to a criminal ring engaged in identity theft.

This crime, that was uncovered only by California laws that require the reporting of such breaches, resulted in a $10 million fine and the establishment of a $5 million dollar restitution fund.

4) Their response to the penalty was to support Representatives like Florida election fraud figure, Rep. Katherine Harris, and Ohio Rep. Steve LaTourette to enact a Federal law that would gut State laws like California's.

The "Data Protection Act" which has been called "the worst data security bill ever," is making its way through Congress, and if passed will not only soften the rules for reporting data theft to consumers, but will also only protect people after that stolen data has already been used to cause damages.

5) They would like to have Rick O'Donnell's vote in Congress.

The CEO, the Vice President, and the Chief Compliance Officer of ChoicePoint, have started a Political Action Committee called "Voice For Freedom"
According to his latest FEC disclosure Colorado CD-7 Republican Rick O'Donnell is the proud recipient of their checks.

While he is busy stuffing the bills in his pocket, Rubber Stamp Rick's website says...

Voters across this district are hungry for new blood, renewed energy and some fresh ideas in Congress.

Use the donation link on the right side of this page to support Democrat Ed Perlmutter, or go to ActBlue and send some money to the CD7 General Fund.

Help Herb, Ed, and Peggy raise what they need to fight Katherine Harris, John Ashcroft, and Rick O'Donnell.

And Bloggers, after you donate put a link to the fund on your page!


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