Wednesday, March 22, 2006

CO-7 Caucus

I have been juggling work and politics quite a bit lately, and journalism has had to take a backseat for a few days.

I was elected the Democratic Party Precinct Committeeman for God's favorite precinct, #7212630025.

I will also be going to the County Assembly as a delegate in the bizaare and interesting caucus process. It is a labryinth, but it is a wonderful expression of grassroots Democracy. I love sitting at a table with my neighbors and deciding which candidates and policies we want to see move up the chain.

I met Andy Kerr who is my new State House Rep. He was appointed on the first ballot by a vacancy committee to replace Betty Boyd, who in turn has been elevated to be my new State Senator. Sen. Boyd replaced the outgoing Sen. Deanna Hanna, and both of them were in attendence as well.

Mr. Kerr came over and introduced himself to our precinct and I congratulated him and asked him to support Morgan Carroll's anti-lobbying bill. I think it will take him a few days to be up to speed on what I was talking about, but when he does I am sure he will represent us well, and when the voters get to transform his appointed position to an elected one, I will be energized in my efforts to help him maintain the seat.

Peggy Lamm came by our table and she and I engaged in a bit of theater. I don't have a recording, but I believe the script went something like this...

TBTH: Hello Peggy.
PL: Hello it is good to see you.
TBTH: Are you participating in the caucus tonight?
PL: As you see, I am here tonight.
TBTH: Yes, but are you participating in the caucus?
PL: I am participating in many caucuses tonight.
TBTH: But are you intending to become a candidate through the caucus process?
PL: I am certainly a candidate. I will be on the ballot. I am collecting petitions.
TBTH: So you are not participating in the caucus process?
PL: I am attending many caucuses tonight.
Mr. X.: I think he wants to make sure his notes are accurate, so he is trying to get a clear answer.
PL: I am collecting petitions and I will be on the ballot.
TBTH: But you are not seeking support through the caucus process.
PL: I am hoping to get everybody's support.
TBTH: But you have not voted in any caucus tonight and you do not intend to get on the ballot through our caucus process, right?
PL: That is right.
TBTH: Ok, I just wanted a straight answer.
PL: Well, I don't think I can be any more clear than the answer that I just gave you. A lot of good people have gotten on through petitioning. Mark Udall and Mike Feeley did. A lot of good people have. Ok. Well, it was good getting to see you. Everyone have a good night tonight.

Mr. X.: You are such a brat, Aaron.
TBTH: Yes. I am a brat, but she is going to get a lot worse from the Republicans.
Mr. Y.: She really didn't want to give you an answer there, did she?
TBTH: She doesn't handle it well when people call her on what she is doing. That is why I think O'Donnell would crush her. She has too many places where they can attack her and she can never seem to defend herself without making things worse.

We took a straw poll. 9 votes for Ed Perlmutter. 1 absention who said he is leaning towards Perlmutter but doesn't want to commit yet until he learns more about Herb Rubenstein. Nothing for Lamm.


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