Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mmmm... this water tastes DuPonty

Stories like this one make me realize that for many parts of our planet we are already too late to stop these criminals.
  From the AP

DOVER, Del. -- Citing new safety assurances, the Environmental Protection Agency has dropped its objections to a plan to treat and dispose of chemical weapon wastewater at a DuPont Co. plant along the Delaware River.

 DuPont, one of the world's leaders in killing us all through poisonous greed has also been given the right to do a bit of self-monitoring by the Bush administration and is now subject to looser oversight.

Acording to the EPA website they are now part of the "Performance Track" program that allows them to have fewer inspections, because Bush thinks they meet this description...

Performance Track is designed to recognize facilities that consistently meet their legal requirements and have implemented high-quality environmental management systems. Performance Track encourages facilities to continuously improve their environmental performance and to work closely with their community and employees.

Dumping nerve gas agents into the Delaware River with less regulatory controls. What could possibly go wrong?


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