Monday, February 13, 2006

If it quacks like a lawyer

Chickenhawk Cheney shot a lawyer in the face. That'll shut up those Fighting Dems.

But oddly, the VP's office sat on the story for a day. It wasn't until the next day when the property owner had told a reporter, and the reporter called Cheney's office for confirmation, that news about the hunting accident broke.

This got my tinfoil hat buzzing, and I started to dig.

Why wait a day? Someone else on the trip that they wanted to get out of town? Someone needed to sober up? Who knows. What we do know is that Harry Whittington took some pellets in his cheek and upper body in what was described as a minor accident that sent him to the hospital for a day and a half of intensive care.


Who is Harry Whittington?

He is a Texas attorney, who has been winning his domain case against the City of Austin. He owns a piece of property that they want for the Civic Arena's parking structure. He isn't selling, and so far they can't make him.

In an interesting wrinkle, Whitting spent six years as the chairman of the Texas Public Finance Authority Board, a body that allocates the building funds for just that sort of project. No doubt there is more to that iceberg.

But this is the part that grabs my attention...

Just before running for President, GWB was entangled in an affair known as Funeralgate.
A woman named Eliza May was doing her job and investigating SCI; a funeral company which had been using unliscenced embalmers, and reusing graves by digging up corpses and leaving the bodies to rot in the woods.

The owners of the company were large contributors to Gov. Bush, and when Ms. May refused to back down from her inquiry, and after she levied a large fine on the company, Bush fired her.
She sued for wrongful termination, and the suit was settled for $210,000, but not before Bush apparently purjured himself in affidavits to aviod being called to testify.

The scandal would have taken down other politicians, but George was fated to move upwards instead of to jail, and so it was just tossed onto the dustbin of his resume along with the rest of the dirt.
As part of the fallout, Bush appointed a new chairman to the Texas Funeral Services Commission: Harry Whittington.

I don't have a conspiracy theory yet about this, but the conspiracy evidence is starting to pile up.


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