Saturday, February 11, 2006

Catching up

I have been doing a lot of posting over at SoapBlox Colorado about some issues that mostly would have been of interest to people in CD-7.
I took a certain amount of heat for my clearly biased reporting of Peggy Lamm's visit to Denver's Drinking Liberally. I am supporting her opponent Ed Perlmutter, and some of Peggy's supporters didn't like my take on the event. It seems that you just can't please some people, at least not when you are telling them why you feel they should lose.

In bigger CD-7 news our President is coming to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory here. He just cut the funding to about three dozen scientists who were researching biomass, geothermal, and solar energy. He wants to use the visit to underscore his stated priority of reducing our oil dependence. How does cutting funding do that? Well, he is reportedly planning to renew the funding some time in 2007, maybe. I am sure the scientists can be frugal until the money returns.
Interestingly, Ed Perlmutter is a trustee of the Midwest Research Institute, the primary operator of the Natl. Renewable Energy Lab. Restoring the funding has long been a key goal of his, and I will see if I can get comment from him on the developments.

One last thing, the Colorado Democratic Party has a link on it's mainsite to its Blog, DemNotes. Maintaining that blog is Party 1st Vice Chair, Dan Slater. I want to thank Dan for his encouragement, and for adding Heading Left to the DemNotes blog roll. Knowing that we are part of a community helps us to keep doing what we do.


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