Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Kerry coming to Denver

On Feb. 24th, Alito filibustering blogger, Senator Kerry will be coming to Colorado, and in addition to a number of other stops in support of Democratic organizations and candidates, he will be helping Ed Perlmutter take CO-7 out of Republican hands.

I am happy to be helping out with the event, and was watching busy staffers doing the planning earlier today.

Meanwhile, those same staffers should be in good moods tonight despite the President's blather. Trying to hide behind the wall of other news, Peggy Lamm finally released her fundraising numbers from last quarter. They were remarkably low numbers.

Total contributions this quarter $62,905. Net increase in cash on hand, 17k.

Ed Perlmutter, who by comparison raised $199,023 for a net increase of 142k, is now the only viable Democratic candidate for CO-7.


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