Friday, December 09, 2005

Freedom Ride

Today was supposed to be Deborah Davis' day in court. The Feds staged a tactical retreat and dropped the charges while insisting their unconstitutional policies would continue unabated.
Ms. Davis had been arrested for not showing proper deference to authority during a random check of her travel papers. On her way to work, a police officer requested to see her identification. She refused and was arrested. In the scramble to imagine a reason for this, she was charged with failure to obey signs requiring identification to be shown by visitors to the Denver Federal Center. She was not a visitor to the center, although the bus does transit the property on part of its route. To make the charges more worthy of ridicule, there was not even a sign.
Seeing this as an escape rather than a problem, the Feds dropped the charges citing "a technicality involving a problem with a sign at the Federal Center at the time Davis was ticketed." This 'technicality' now corrected, they have announced that they will continue to intimidate Ms. Davis, violate the rights of commuters, and drain the resources of the good people who help them prepare for a day in court that never comes.

Maybe someday, someone will bring the suit that asks them to pay for the costs and damages inflicted on Ms. Davis and others brave enough to say 'no' to tyranny. Maybe someday some court will serve justice and hand down a large enough fine to deter these crimes, but as the bill would just be passed along to you and me and never paid by the criminal officers, I am not holding my breath for that day either.

We need a constitutional amendment that requires the Goverment to obey the Constitution.


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