Thursday, December 01, 2005

CO 7 - Matsunaka takes sides in Perlmutter v. Lamm

The Perlmutter campaign is circulating a document in which former Dkos 8 honoree Stan Matsunaka takes a strong position for Ed Perlmutter and against Peggy Lamm, in the rivalry for the Colorado 7th District Democratic Congressional nomination

Matsunaka, who challenged Musgrave (R CO-4) for a congressional seat last cycle, comes out in support of his long time colleague...

"I strongly believe that Ed Perlmutter is the man who can take back the Seventh District. I also know first hand that Ed's credentials as a committed Democrat are beyond question. I served with Ed in the Colorado Senate for eight years and during that time I saw Ed fight for the things that we as Democrats hold dear like public education, civil rights, women's rights and the environment."

Matsunaka also raises questions about Lamm's dedication to party principles and party loyalty in a statement that begins...

"Whether you agree or not with every position Ed has taken in public life, he has always been honest about his record. I do not believe Peggy Lamm can say the same... "

I had asked the Perlmutter campaign for information about the charge that Lamm had supported Republican Governor Bill Owens in 2002, and in an encouraging sign that they take bloggers seriously they sprung for a bucks worth of postage to mail me out a pile of papers. I scanned Matsunaka's letter into a .pdf file for others who are interested.


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