Wednesday, November 30, 2005

CO - Bush rambles for Musgrave

The Denver Post published a text of Bush's speech at yesterday's fundraiser for homophobe Musgrave.

Attrocities include...
"This is an enemy that has declared their intentions in Iraq. They've got one weapon, by the way -- their ideology is so dark, nobody believes in it except for a handful, but they've got the capacity to kill innocent people and have those images on the TV screens around the world, all attempting to shake our will and to get us to retreat. They have stated openly their desire to do to Iraq what they did to Afghanistan, to convert that country into a safe haven so they can plan, plot and attack. We will defeat the enemy in Iraq. We will do our job to protect the American people. (Applause.) "

Also in attendence was Delay's number one pawn Bob Beauprez. He was thanked by Bush for being in attendence. I will see Musgrave gets thanked for having him be there later on in the campaign when it becomes difficult for any of them to wash off the stench of one another.

[Meanwhile, thanks to maxentropy at kos for pointing me to the photo, whoever took the photo, and to the fine people at Soapblox Colorado for adding Heading Left to their 'what we read' blogroll. I read Soapblox every day and will add them to our links as soon as I can.]


Blogger ruthless2 said...

Well - this brings my nickname for bush into better perspective! I have been referring to him as a monkey licker for a long time. It's nice to have a photo to go with it now!

12:43 PM  

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