Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Perlmutter endorses Winter for Netroots Page

I got a chance to be a bit of a bridge between my two favorite candidates today when Ed Perlmuuter's campaign asked me to pass along a letter to Daily Kos about Bill Winter.


I want to take a brief moment to recommend my good friend Bill Winter for the Netroots Act Blue Candidate endorsement.  Bill would probably be embarrassed to know that I am doing this for him but at the end of the day I feel that there is not a more deserving candidate running for public office today.  

Our country takes a giant step in the wrong direction when we refuse to stand up to the Tom Tancredo's of the world.  Sadly, in politics today, there is an overabundance of weak-kneed opportunists who lack the courage and conviction to take on a challenge like Colorado's conservative 6th Congressional District.  But I tell you what, adversity and Bill Winter are longtime foes, and more often than not Bill comes out on top.  His story is that of an orphan born with a hole in his heart who overcame the long odds to become a Marine, Naval Officer, a U.S. Senate Staffer, a lawyer, a high school science teacher and a football coach.  Time and time again, Bill has proven his love for our county with his genuine commitment to public service.

This is a race we can and will win with the Netroots help.  If Bill can get the financing he needs to get his message out, it will resonate with Coloradans.  The people of 6th District are ready for a Congressman who would rather talk about bringing our troops home safely and providing affordable and accessible healthcare to all Americans.  I could go on but I will sum it up by saying, Tom Tancredo's constituents are hungry for change and the man who can bring about that change is Bill Winter.  

Honesty and integrity are core values I hold dear, I know that Bill will never let me down in those regards when he is elected to Congress.  He will serve the 6th Congressional District with honor and dignity.  I ask the Netroots to join me in actively supporting Bill Winter for U.S. Congress!  



Ed Perlmutter

Candidate for Congress in Colorado's 7th Congressional District


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