Saturday, December 03, 2005

Aaron's very solid response

Or: Maybe we should find Aaron a job with the DNC instead of blogging here on this little corner of the internet(s)

I agree that getting the majority to the polls will be the key to reforming the landscape.
A meme I would like to crush as soon as possible, however, is the 'Dems don't have a clear message' story.
What is the Republican's clear message? "Jesus is coming soon so we better ban homosexuality, and abortion, and allow guns, and tigheten our borders, and provide work visas for immigrant workers, and give tax breaks to corporations, and defend the homeland, and protect Israel, and destabilize other countries, and bring democracy to other counteries in the form of the world bank, and eliminate judicial activism, and reinterpret the constitution to pass any laws we like that abridge the first and fourth amendments, and relax polution regulation, and increase the property rights of media corporations, and redistrict certain precincts, and........."

They have a bunch of messages, and because they are a confederacy of the Fundamentalists, the Stupid, the Greedy, and the Hateful, their message is more garbled and encoded than any the Dems put forward.

This is the Democratic Party message:

We believe in fostering a just society, where the rights of the individual are respected, where government works in an open way to provide for the common defense and an honest way to promote the general welfare, and where opportunities are available for all people, regardless of the circumstance of their births.

Or if you want the shortest version...

Freedom, Justice, Equality

(Contrast those words with Kellogg, Brown, and Root, and I think you have a campaign.)


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