Friday, October 07, 2005

Terrorists Seize Headlines As Bush Poll Numbers Fall

The numbers are dropping, the support for the war is tanking, 20% of REPUBLICANS are unhappy with Bush. Oh gosh, what will we do? Sound the Terror alert of course. Super Mauve Elevated Risk Levels!

In the meantime, Bush has threatened to veto the anti-torture bill dems and repubs passed 90-9. The divide between republicans and bush is starting to widen. Since republicans running in '06 are going to distance themselves from the white house, I guess bushco wants to distance themselves from them.


Blogger Aaron said...

Another victory for the War on Terror! If we fight the terrorists in our imagination, then they can't attack us here at home. Bravo to the administration for once again defending us from a threat so totally that it even can be removed from the historical record, and bravo to the mass media for once again crying, "Burning Wolf!" in a crowded theater.

10:29 AM  

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