Monday, October 03, 2005

The Inside Scoop On The White House

Miers will clam up on all issues.

A lot of blogs are hoping that BushCo has just handed us an open invitation to the inside workings of the white house. The trouble is, most of the questions we will ask will simply get the tired old white house line. "the white house will not comment on ongoing investigations" I.E. Don't get your hopes up that she will discuss her legal council on Plame-gate, the "what Geneva convention?" issue, or of course the fact that she herself headed the search for GWB's national guard service records. Those pesky records just kept popping up as the white house needed them.

Count on her spending a lot of time dodging and ducking for cover. I will hold judgment on my thoughts on her as she may be the best we can hope for from this white house.


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