Sunday, October 02, 2005

FDA Rethinks Women's Chief

Toigo Is Acting Head; Agency Denies Naming Male Veterinary Official.

Think I am making it up? Read On. and here as well
This is the republican way in a nutshell. Try to float a crony in an important position and if it doesn't work out... Deny everything. Hell, old 'brownie' still has a job at FEMA and the new FEMA head is the bone head who wants us to duct tape our house in case of nuclear attack.

The worst part is that the old director Susan Wood quit because the administration would not push the morning after pill forward. I am a Pro-Choice democrat but I think that helping women avoid unwanted pregnancies should be much higher on our list of priorities. The morning after pill AVOIDS the need for abortions, the pill is extremely effective and is essentially the same as a birth control pill. The radical right has succeeded in holding up over-the-counter availability by convincing people that it is an abortion pill. If repubs want to cut down on abortions, this pill would help. Of course right wing activist pharmacists are refusing to sell prescription morning after pills so the only way to get them to rape victims and child abuse victims is to get them over the counter.


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