Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Another Day In Hell

Today 'Brownie' sat calmly and told the world he thought he did a pretty good job under the circumstances. He said that he tried to tell the powers that be that the storm was serious but they would not listen. Right wingers are blaming the media for 'making up' the devastation of Katrina, that the whole convention center and Superdome thing was made up.

And who can blame them? So far the administration has been able to twist the truth like balloon animals and no one has called them on it. The average Joe Wal-Mart could not care less what the intricate lies of the white house could mean to them. So far they have sat back and let the bushies take away their ability to file for bankruptcy while allowing credit card companies to stalk the people who can least afford their 20% finance fees. They have let bush talk about keeping america safe while doing Nothing to protect them. they have let Haliburton and the wealthiest americans raid the government surplus until there is nothing left for hurricane relief, the Iraq war and any other catastrophe that bush and co. have not planned for.

But wait..... Why does the new fox "news" poll show that 41% of americans are happy with the way bush is doing his job. With all the spin and fake news, is someone really paying attention besides us dyed in the wool dems. My dad has been saying for a couple of years that the pendulum has to swing back to the left eventually. In '06, people HAVE to realize that if they don;t like the way the country is being run, maybe they should vote out the people who have run it with no checks or balances for the last 5 years.

We can only hope.... and talk....and donate....and kick ass in '06


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